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320 Rokeby Road


Subiaco, Western Australia


Establish Property


320 Rokeby Road.

Subiaco, Western Australia.

A new workplace for a boutique property and investment group this project establishes a unique identity on Rokeby Road. The project is designed with a careful attention to detail and a design language which nods playfully to various heritage details and materials in the precinct. The interior language melds seamlessly with the architecture with material finishes carrying through from outside to in.


The project features 2 levels of office with extensive kitchen and recreation areas including rear terrace garden planted with trees. The boardroom on level 1 opens to a terrace overlooking the Rokeby Road strip with full height operable doors extending the experience of the intrerior to the street and vice versa.  


A Donaldson Boshard Project in partnership with Rezen Studio.

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